Rebecca Turner recording in the studio.

Rebecca Turner recording in the studio.

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As a Hospitality State native, I have a deep love for Mississippi and its food. For the past 10 years I have aimed to repair people's relationship with food, terminate the need to diet, and make obtaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle possible.

As your host and wellness guide, I’m on the airwaves to educate, equip and encourage you to take meaningful action that makes a positive difference in your overall well-being.  You may be one of the many who feel that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is down-right impossible. Or it could be that you are already health conscious and simply interested in learning more. Either way, I'll school you in all things food, nutrition, and wellness with a sense of good humor. 

Mission: Nutrition is a weekly radio show aired live on 97.3 fm in the Jackson, MS area or streamed live on every Tuesday and Friday morning starting at 9:00 am central. You can also replay or catch up on the latest episode by listening on demand, anytime, anywhere from any device.  

Consider obtaining good health mission possible!